Our Team

Adam Myerson

Adam Myerson is a professional cyclist, coach and race organizer who specializes in criteriums and cyclocross. A former collegiate national cyclocross champion, he began racing as a junior in 1987, and has been a professional since 2003. He currently captains Team Mountain Khakis based in Winston-Salem, NC. He is the founder and president of Cycle-Smart, Inc., President of the New England Championship Cyclocross Series, organizer of the Cycle-Smart International Cyclocross, the oldest UCI event in North America, organizer of the Nor’easter ‘Cross at Loon Mountain, a former member of the UCI Cyclocross Commission, and a former member of the management committee of the International Association of Cyclocross Organizers (AIOC-Cross).

Richard Fries

With 35 years of experience, Richard Fries is a bicycle evangelist. He is considered to be the world’s top cyclocross announcer, having announced the last two UCI World Championships, 12 of the last 14 U.S. National Championships, the entire U.S. Grand Prix of Cyclocross, and the Super Cup series. As a race organizer, he has had an executive role promoting six national cyclocross championships. A native of Pittsburgh, Pa., he graduated from the University of South Florida where he started a racing career that would include a stint in Spain. He earned a masters in journalism from Northeastern University and worked as a reporter. He published The Ride Magazine for 14 years and worked as a producer and on-air commentator for the Outdoor Life Network. He has worked as marketing director for Pedro’s USA and the Audi Best Buddies Challenge charity rides. Fries also serves as a development advisor for the Bikes Belong Foundation. He lives on a bike path in Lexington, Mass., with his wife and three children.

Paul Boudreau

Paul Boudreau has been the race director for the Gran Prix of Gloucester, one of the largest cyclocross races in North America, since its inception in 1999. He started racing bicycles in 1992, and in 1994, started cyclocross training sessions in the North Shore of Boston that continue to this day. Paul joined Essex County Velo, a non-profit cycling club in 1996, becoming an officer that year. Paul became club President in 2009. Paul also helped revive the historic Witches Cup race in Salem, MA and created the Gran Prix of Beverly, now in its 3rd year. Paul is a Senior Human Factors Engineer for a multinational computer technology corporation and lives in Beverly, MA with his wife and son Noah and is expecting their second child in October.

Matt Bodziony

Matt Bodziony, owner of NBX Bikes, is the race director for The NBX Grand Prix of Cross. Matt has been the director of the last stage of the Verge series for 6 years. Prior to that, Bodziony directed cyclocross races dating back to the early 90’s. He began a weekly cyclocross training series, which has run for 7 consecutive years and has contributed to the popularity of the sport in RI. Bodziony has been involved in the retail end of bicycling for 22 years, which has evolved into the ownership of NBX Bikes in Narragansett, RI. As the owner of NBX for the past 4 years, he has created a destination in South County, RI and continues to grow the sport of bicycling through workshops, community rides and training series. Bodziony graduated Rhode Island College in 1992 with a BFA in Sculpture. It was during his college years that he became enamored with bicycling, ultimately leading him to seek a career in bicycle retail while continuing to ride and race. He lives in South County, Rhode Island with his wife and three children and continually encourages people to “ride for the fun of it.”


Gran Prix of Gloucester - September 28 & 29

Providence Cyclocross Festival - October 5 & 6

Cycle-Smart International - November 2 & 3

NBX Gran Prix of Cyclocross - December 7 & 8