Our Heritage

New England has been at the vanguard of U.S. cyclocross for more than 30 years, producing countless national champions and premium races every weekend in autumn. There is a reason that four of the five members of the last U.S. men’s national team are New Englanders. The caliber of the racing – from junior to master classes – is envied throughout North America.

Our Venues

No other series in America can offer the elements of these classic New England venues. Photographers flock to the seaside charm of Gloucester’s Stage Fort Park. Providence’s Roger William Park and it’s Temple to Music is a destination for all ‘crossers. Northampton’s Look Park, featuring its iconic run-up and crowd-pleasing drop-offs, is practically a pilgrimage. The series finale at Rhode Island’s beach-front Goddard Park in Warwick provides a final winter’s tune-up for those Americans heading to the national or world championships, and a chance to race in conditions very few venues can offer.

Our Vision

In the 2010-11 cyclocross season, the venerable and historic Verge New England Championship Series found itself under pressure. New rules, a competitive market, and a mature North American ‘cross scene it helped pioneer suddenly put the series in a position where it had to rethink itself and prepare for the next era.

From that core a union of the best, biggest, and most historic events not only in New England, but in the United States, was formed. With Providence, Gloucester, Northampton, and Warwick, the ascendant New England Professional Cyclocross Series took flight.

Our vision for this series is to build on the strength of New England and North American ‘cross, and create a series that provides internationally important cyclocross events that take place in a narrower geographic region. As Belgium is for European ‘cross, with the best events in the smallest area, so is New England for North American ‘cross. We will strive to have the best riders at the best events, all within driving distance from each other. This lowers the barriers for competition for riders, and logistical challenges for a team of organizers sharing equipment, infrastructure, marketing, and ridership.


Gran Prix of Gloucester - September 28 & 29

Providence Cyclocross Festival - October 5 & 6

Cycle-Smart International - November 2 & 3

NBX Gran Prix of Cyclocross - December 7 & 8